A raised platform with a red felt carpet is partly covering a corner of the area with the sand drawings.

In the middle of this platform there is an eight sided frame around a 'magic mirror' that can display images.

Around the mirror ten stones and other petrified objects are laying that can be taken in the hand and put on the mirror.

When one of the ten objects is getting close to the mirror (that is in fact a small LCD monitor) it will display first a picture of the landscape from which this object comes and than zoom in on the object itself and proceed with a microscopic image of the inside of the chosen object.

On the felt carpet are also laying big sea shells through which the user can listen to specific narrated creation myths linked to each of the ten objects.

A short flashing of light from the inside of one of the shells will indicate that one has to pick up the shell for listening.

The narrated stories last from one minute to a few minutes and are accompanied by related background sounds and music.

When another stone or object is put on the mirror while a story has not yet finished, that story will be interrupted and the new chosen story will start.

The text is spoken in two languages (German and English) a small colour code on the shells indicates which shell to chose.

From underneath the platform, over the sand area, strings of knotted cords come out. The cords point back to ancient memory systems. The cords are of material that lights up in 'black light' and lay glowing over the sand.