Sixteen scrolls, printed on translucent foil and  in wooden casings, can be picked up and put on one of the four light boxes.

The scrolls have the same pictograms as used on the Shaman's drum.

Each scroll gives background information on the subjects treated in the audio-visual sequences displayed on the shaman's drum.

This background information gives different perspectives and opinions on the same subject by quoting books and articles, showing pictures and giving critical comment.

The length of each scroll is two and a half meter. So all together this part of the installation gives access to forty two meters of information.

The information sources used are in different languages, but each time the necessary translations in German and English will be provided.

At the bottom of each scroll a string with beads is displayed of which one is coloured. The position of the coloured bead in the string indicates where one is within a scroll and also which parts of the texts and images belong together.

A special mechanism in the handles of the scrolls prevents that the scroll will be turned in the wrong way and might get stuck.