Topview    Topview

There are from the ground up six levels on which the public moves/sits/lays:

1 floor level (0 cm)
2 stepping stones (+ 9 cm)
3 scroll platform and yurt platform  (+12 cm)
4 creation myth platforms with red felt (+ 25 cm)
5 barcode interface to the Internet platforms with green felt (+12 yurt floor + 25 cm)
6 hammocks (lowest middle part +45 cm)

The borders of the area filled with sand are +10 cm.

The top of the sand surface is approximate 6/7 cm.

To enter the yurt most adults have to bow their head a bit (the cable taht support the roof is at approximate 165 cm).

Inside the yurt there is plenty of 'head space'.

The construction of the Loom of God runs, under an angle, from the sand level up to the ceiling and cuts through the cut out form in the spheric construction.