CIRA NIPPON is an anarchist archive and documentation center that has taken its name from similar European Centers (Cente Internationale de Doucmentation Anarchiste) of which CIRA Genève/Lausanne is the most well known example. It is housed in a small Youth Hostel near mount Fuji in the country side close to the small town Fujinomiya-shi. At the time of my visit (January 1999) it was run by Ryo Buichiro and his family.
I was travelling with two Chinese friends King Lok (who works and lives for a long time in Tokyo as a journalist for a Hong Kong paper and used to be involved in the Hong Kong Seventies group) and Zhao Jing a Chinese student. We stayed overnight and had the joy to peruse some rare publications while sitting in the garden having tea. Apart from the anarchist classics there were many (half sorted) enveloppes and dossiers on the Zengakuren movement of the sixties and of the Japanese peace movment and their actions directed at American GIs in Japan in the seventies of last century. Also materials on the close linked history of Chinese and Japanese anarchism at the turn of the 19th and twentieth century (when several Chinese students lived in Japan and started there their first small anarchist magazines).

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