23 August 1967, Dutcvh newspaper cuttings: DRAWING WALKED ON HAND AND FEET INTO AMSTERDAM; DRAWING WITHOUT END CONNECTS LONDON WITH AMSTERDAM; the small cartoon in the middle is a comment on the frontpage of the daily De Volkskrant by cartoonist Wibo (Wim Boost).
23 August 1967 (left) drawing proceeds in London; (right) header: GIRLS MAKE INFINITE LINE.
23 August 1967: THE LINE DRAWSTERS... completely incantated by the lessons of their teacher, 23 year old Tjebbe van Tijen from The Hague, six pupils (all girls) of the Rietveld Academy did fabricate an endless drawing in Amsterdam (...)"
Fragment of the youth pop newspaper Hitweek which is overgrown by a continuous drawing.
Advertisement on Amsterdam youth paper (Plug, issue 2, november 1967) for doing a course in Continuous drawing'. It lists favorite reactions in newspapers on the drawing events.
Report on the course as advertised in Plus issue 2 (Plu issue 4, January 1968).
Photograph of KLM passenger been overgrown by continuous drawing and a early 1968 newspaper article shopwing that the temporal continuous drawing on the Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam (Stedelijk Museum) is still visible thanks to good quality chalk used by the artist.