9 visual lecture themes by Tjebbe van Tijen
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1 orbis sensualium pictus - the world explained in pictures - ideas of visual language from Comenius to Neurath
2 literary pyscho-geography - a comparison between a world village and a world city: Amsterdam and Edo/Tokyo
3 media morphose - "looking backward" at the future of communication -
4 shadowplay and other pre-cinematic principles - 4000 years of visual narrative
5 paradox of traceless art - the pleasure of the creative moment itself versus the museumfication of almost everything
6 neo-shamanisn & the true source of religion - low and high tech interfaces - primordial and modern myth
7 ars oblivivendi the art of forgetting - con/destruction of our social memory system through museum archive library and monument
8 mapping human violence & unbombing the world - from mega-death to individual victims - ways to represent human violence
9 political art or artistic politics? - creation, actions and collections - from the early sixties onward- an auto-biographical lecture
  Technical facilities needed: - video/lcd projector minimal 1024/768 pixels projection size (minimal 1000 ANSI/lumen) + connection to Apple G4 Power Book and sound amplification; - projection screen with a size related to the lecture space and the size of the audience (minimal 3/4 meter).
Depending on circumstances each of these lectures can range from one hour to more detailed sessions of 2 x one hour.
Contact: info@imaginarymuseum.org; CV Tjebbe van Tijen: http://imaginarymuseum.org/TJCV.html