An example of mapping of atmospheric unities of a city on the basis of ideas of the international Lettrist and Situationist movement. The map of Paris has been cut up in different areas that are experienced by some people as distinct unties (neighbourhoods). The mentally felt distance between these areas are visualized by spreading out the pieces of the cut up map. By wandering, letting onself float or drift (dériver is the French word used) each person can discover his or her own ambient unities of a specific city. The red arrows indicate the most frequent used crossings between the islands of the urban archipel (seperated by flows of motorized traffic).

Guy Debord 1957: Psychogeographic guide of Paris

Guy Debord, 1955 (?) "Psychogeographic guide of Paris: edited by the Bauhaus Imaginiste Printed in Dermark  by Permild & Rosengreen - Discourse on the passions of love: psychogeographic descents of drifting and localisation of ambient unities"
This page belongs belongs to a series of pages on the principles of 'Literary-Psycho geography' by Tjebbe van Tijen/Imaginart Museum Projects: