Description of how the installation functions

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Each visitor will get a personal electronic badge which will make the installation react in one of the three languages: Japanese, Dutch or English. There are two rooms, constructed as on a film set, one Japanese the other in Dutch style, with the same features: a wall with a window and bookshelves, a table, a chair or cushion and a chamber screen. 

On the bookshelves a few hundred books with bookmarks pointing to psycho-geographic descriptions of either Tokyo or Amsterdam. 

At each page with such a short quote, there is a leaf with, at each side, a translation in one of the two other languages. These books can be perused and taken to the reading table. 
The reading table top has a mirroring surface. One sits down, puts a book on the table, chooses one of the book marked pages by using a special wireless reading pen and immediately the book passage will be read in the chosen language while relating images will become visible in the mirror surface of the table (the moving image is projected on the 
ceiling of the room). Pointing the special reading pen to the chamber screen will trigger a display on this screen of a series of overlaying maps that show time, space and mood of the quote that just has been narrated.
Other passages from the same or other books can be chosen. Each time the map on the chamber screen will be extended showing patterns that visualise the virtual movements of the visitor through time and space. When leaving the exhibition space the visitor can take her or his personal psycho-geographic wandering home in one of the different formats available: as a print out, a videotape or as a computer file on disk, or have it send to a personal Email address.