40 years of visual narrative- an overview of the layered image rolls/scrolls by Tjebbe van Tijen.

September/October 2006 in MediaMatic Gallery, Amsterdam.

The exhibition was an idea of Willem Velthoven of Mediamatic who proposed me to get rid - once - of all the interfaces, computer screens, projectors, that - in his vision - were hiding and obscuring the real monumental aspect of my visual scrolls, and make nice big prints of them..

Digging deep in the digital archives brought fifty or so scrolls to the surface of which 26 have been chosen to be printed on a big format. A total of 195 meters of print have been produced in a period of less than two weeks, which was a little war and wonder at the same time.

The production team consisted of Arne Hendriks, Jans Possel, Jaap van der Sluijs, and Kai Ting Lin.

The scrolls have been printed at the architecture office of Zwart and Jansma housed in the same building as Mediamatic.
Thanks also to Fred Gales, Stephanie Benzaquen for their help with the captions. Maarten de Reus and Ronald van Tienhoven allowed us to show their mini-documentary on my vision on information-visualization, originally made for the "InfoArcadia" show in art center Stroom The Hague 2000.

Photographs by: Jans Possel, Pieter Boersma and Tjebbe van Tijen.