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Author: Tobu, Akiko (): - Memoraphilia (2004) [with essay by Tjebbe van Tijen (1944-) "The arts of oneself" [text on inside cover: "Memoraphilia: a love of memory and things memorable, a disposition toward remembrance; Studio Parabolica; Tokyo; p.120; ISBN 4990086899; text in English and Japanese]

Library references
International Institute of Social History Amsterdam (IISG): 2005/121 ...
Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College Library, Tokyo
- Momoyama Gakuin University, Osaka

Contextual references
2-:+ website of Studio Parabolica Publishing house, Tokyo. (web page on book of Akiko Tobu )

Zeit Foto Salon Tokyo (Exhibition of Akiko Tobu: Memoraphilia

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Tjebbe van Tijen 2005/07