The following list is only the first attempt to make an overview of aerial bombings in this century. The aim is to list all bombings that have hurt or killed humans, damaged or destroyed human habitat. The official aim of an aerial raid, 'just hitting economic targets', 'precision bombing' of terrorist, dictators, criminals, name it, has not been my main concern. I have listed any attack that has hit humans and their habitat and also have included cases which need to be checked if such casualties might have occurred. My point of view is not military history, neither a viewpoint from a particular nation or group of nations. My attempt will be to make a list of towns and rural areas that have been hit, a list as complete as possible. The sources I have used for this first sketch are listed below, and of course most of them tend to be rather biased. Only in one book (by Janusz Pikalkiewicz)  there is an attempt to systematically give contemporary war dispatches from both sides, but also here the voice of civilians is not yet heard. There is an inherent streak of colonialism in the lack of geographic detailing of bombardments on non-European targets. One just reads 'China, North Korea or North Vietnam, have been heavily bombed', but how heavy, and which towns or areas, is not detailed, while the same book will give much more details on bombing attacks on Great Britain or Germany. No doubt there will be sources enough to fill in the white areas and spots in the map of the bombed areas of the world, but this will need research of local sources in many different languages. The aim is to bring, at a further stage, this database 'on-line' on the Internet so many people from all over the world can help to do the documentary work, share their knowledge.

This list, as said, is just the very first beginning and several definition and descriptive problems need to be solved. Topographical names tend to change over time, as border lines are pushed in wars towns are shifting from one nation to another and often change name in the process. The same process happens with countries that appear and disappear. The list below is still full of names that can be debated, or need better detailing. The same goes about the dating of aerial attacks. Many towns or areas have been attacked repeatedly during a war, and some even in several different wars. One example is London that has been bombed by zeppelins and airplanes from the German emperor in the First World War and has also been attacked by airplanes and rockets send in by Adolf Hitler during the Second World War. Does each singular attack to be listed, or is it better to summarise them as series of attacks. As I see it now, the last possibility is the best, because too much academic completeness will generate such an amount of information that the impact might be lost. Too rough figures have the opposite effect, so a balance must be found. The idea is to use in a later stage icons to generate visual statistics that give the needed insight, make quantities understandable and comparable.

Who has been bombed and , of course also, who have been bombing. Definition problems here also, and a need for a lot more detailing. The number of people who died in aerial attacks, were wounded, became homeless,  areas that have been destroyed, all this needs to be quantified. And than, of course, also how many airplanes, rockets, tonnage of bombs, explosive power, was used and what was the price of human lives, all the pilots and other personnel, the ground assistance, the ammunition workers... Of course this side will not be forgotten. Last the unfortunate mistakes that are part of the game, airplanes lost in the fog, bombing their own towns, attacks on the wrong target, holding an aerial photograph up side down, a typing mistake in a computer, and other human mistakes. There are several clear examples and also not so clear ones, because nobody likes to admit a mistake. With all this in mind you are ready to read the first version of 90 years of aerial bombing of humans and their habitat.

Since I made this page in the beginning of January 1999, when I drafted this text and list, the unbombing project has painfuly proven its actuality. I am in the process to update my database and so long I have not done so, I just give two links which show the same phenomena from two sides  (a Serbain Student website and the NATO site) to show with an up to date example how diffrent one can perceive the same event.

Free Serbia, Other voices form Serbia
NATO & Kosovo Multimedia

  (Sources for Unbombing database:

  • A guide to the reports of the United States Strategic Bombing survey/Gordan Daniels (199-)
  • Blankest of fire/Kenneth P. Werrell (1996)
  • Crimes of war/Richard A. Falk... (1973)
  • Dictionary of wars/George C. Kohn (1986)
  • Encyclopedia of the Second World War/Bryan Perrett .. (1989)
  • Luftkrieg 1939-1945/Janusz Pikalkiewicz (1978)
  • The Bomber Command war diaries/Martin Middlebrook ... (1985)
  • The century of warfare (1900...)/Charles Messenger (1995)
  • The people's chronology/James trager (1992)
  • Timelines of war/David Brownstone ... (1994)
  • Träume in Trümmern/Werner Durth ... (1993)

    01 North America no aerial bombing of towns
    02 Middle America almost no aerial bombing of towns
    03 South America  no aerial bombing of towns
    04 Europe 221 towns 
    05 Africa 9 towns/areas
    06 Middle East 11 towns
    07 Asia 102 towns
    08 Australia Pacific 4 towns/areas

    This list is still incomplete.....

    02:Nicaragua: guerrilla stronholds of Sandino (1928) USA Air Force

    04:Austria: Pola (Adriatic coast) (1915-1916) Italian Air Force

    04:Belgium: Antwerp (1943-1945) USA Air Force/Luftwaffe (V2)
    04:Belgium: Brussels (194?) Luftwaffe (V2)
    04:Belgium: Liege (1944-1945) Luftwaffe (V2)
    04:Belgium: Ostend (194?)
    04:Belgium: Tournai (1944) Luftwaffe (V2)

    04:Czechoslovakia: Pilsen (1942-) RAF

    04:Finland: Helsinki (1939) Soviet Union

    04:France: Angers (194?)
    04:France: Arras (1944) Luftwaffe
    04:France: Billancourt (194?)
    04:France: Boulogne (194?)
    04:France: Brest (1943) Allied Forces
    04:France: Caen (1944) RAF
    04:France: Calais (194?)
    04:France: Cannes (194?)
    04:France: Cherbourg (194?)
    04:France: Clermont-Ferrand (194?)
    04:France: Dunkirk (194?)
    04:France: Gennevilliers (194?)
    04:France: Juvisy (194?)
    04:France: La Pallice (194?)
    04:France: Le Creusot (194?)
    04:France: Le Havre (1944) RAF
    04:France: Le Mans (194?)
    04:France: Lille (1942, 1944) USA Air Force/Luftwaffe
    04:France: Lorient (1943) RAF
    04:France: Meulan (194?)
    04:France: Modane (194?)
    04:France: Montbeliard (194?)
    04:France: Orleans (194?)
    04:France: Paris (1914, 1944) German Army airplanes/Luftwaffe
    04:France: Paris (Boulogne Bilancourt) (1942) RAF
    04:France: Poitiers (194?)
    04:France: Rouen (1944) USA Air Force
    04:France: Royan (1945) RAF
    04:France: Saumur (194?)
    04:France: St. Medartd en Jalles (194?)
    04:France: St. Nazaire (1943) Allied Forces
    04:France: Tourcoing (1944) Luftwaffe (V2)
    04:France: Tours (194?)
    04:France: Trappes (194?)
    04:France: Vaires (194?)

    04:Germany: Aachen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Augsburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bad Kreuznach (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bamberg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bautzen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bayreuth (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Berchtegaden (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Berlin (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bielefeld (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bingen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bocholt (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bochum (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bohlen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bonn (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bremen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Bremerhaven (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Brunswick (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Castrop Rauxel (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Chemnitz (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Cottbus (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Cuxhaven (1943) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Darmstadt (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Desau (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Dresden (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Duisburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Duren (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Dusseldorf (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Eilenburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Eisenach (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Emden (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Emmerich (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Erfurt (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Essen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Flensburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Flensburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Frankfurt am Oder (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Frankfurt an Main (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Freiburg (1939-1945) Luftwaffe/Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Friederichshafen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Fulda (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Gelsenkirchen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Gelsenkirchen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Gera (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Goppingen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Gotha (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Gutersloh (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Hagen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Halberstadt (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Halle (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Hamburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Hamm (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Hanau (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Hannover (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Hannover (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Heide (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Hildesheim (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: industrial targets (?) (1917) British aircrafts
    04:Germany: Ingolstadt (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Jena (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Kaiserlautern (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Karlsruhe (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: KasselFulda (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Kiel (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Kleve (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Koblenz (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Koln (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Krefeld (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Leipzig (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Leverkusen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Lubeck (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Ludwigshafen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Magdeburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Mannheim (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Meiningen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Merseburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Monchen Gladbach (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Munich (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Munster (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Neubrandenburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Neuss (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Neusterlitz (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Neuwied (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Nordhausen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Nuremberg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Oberhausen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Offenbach (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Offenburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Oranienburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Osnabruck (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Paderborn (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Pforzheim (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Pirmasens (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Plauen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Potsdam (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Prenzlau (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Rathenow (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Regensburg (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Remscheid (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Rennes (1943) RAF
    04:Germany: Rheine (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Rositz (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Rostock (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Saarlouis (1942) RAF
    04:Germany: Sarbrucken (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Schweinfurt (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Soest (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Solingen (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: south-western Germany (1918) French Air Force/British Air Force
    04:Germany: Stralsund (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Straubing (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Stuttgart (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Trier (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Ulm (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Ulm (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Wesel (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Wiesbaden (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Wilhelmshaven (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Wismar (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Witten (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Worms (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Wuppertal (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Zeitz (1939-1945) Allied Forces
    04:Germany: Zwickau (1939-1945) Allied Forces

    04:Gibraltar: Gibraltar (1940) French Air Force

    04:Great Brittian: Birmingham (1940-1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Bristol-Avonmouth (1940-1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Coventry (1940-1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Glasgow (1940-1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Gloucester (1944) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Hull (1940-1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Liverpool (1940-1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: London (1915,  1916, 1940-1945) German Zeppelin attacks/German airplanes/Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Manchester (1940-1941, 1944) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Norwich (1944) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Plymouth Devonport (1940-1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Portsmouth (1940-1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Great Brittian: Southampton (1940-1941, 1944) Luftwaffe

    04:Greece: Elbasan (1941) RAF
    04:Greece: Kattavia (Rhodos) (1941) RAF

    04:Hungary: Budapest (1944) USA Air Force
    04:Hungary: Debrecen (1944) USA Air Force
    04:Hungary: Diosgyor (1944) RAF
    04:Italy: Bari (1943) Luftwaffe

    04:Italy: Genua (1942) RAF
    04:Italy: La Spezia (1943) RAF
    04:Italy: Milano (1942, 1943) RAF
    04:Italy: Naples (1942) USA Air Force
    04:Italy: Rome (1943) Allied Forces
    04:Italy: Taranto (1940) RAF
    04:Italy: Torino (1943) RAF

    04:Lituania: Konigsberg (Kalingrad) (1943) Soviet Union Air Force/RAF
    04:Lituania: Tilsit (Sovetsk) (1943) Soviet Union Air Force

    04:Luxembourg: Luxembourg (194?) Luftwaffe

    04:Malta: La Valetta (1941-1945) Luftwaffe/Italian Air Force

    04:Netherlands: Den Haag (194?) RAF
    04:Netherlands: Den Helder (194?) RAF
    04:Netherlands: Eindhoven (1942) RAF
    04:Netherlands: Enschede (194?) RAF
    04:Netherlands: Hengelo (194?) RAF
    04:Netherlands: IJmuiden (1945) RAF
    04:Netherlands: Maastricht (1944) Luftwaffe
    04:Netherlands: Rotterdam (1940, 194?) Luftwaffe/RAF
    04:Netherlands: Vlissingen (194?) RAF

    04:Norway: Oslo (1942) RAF
    04:Norway: Trontheim (1943) USA Air Force

    04:Poland: Danzig (1943) Soviet Union Air Force/USA Air Force
    04:Poland: Drohobycz (1944) USA Air Force
    04:Poland: Gotenhafen (Gdingen) (1943) USA Air Force
    04:Poland: Insterburg (1943) Soviet Union Air Force
    04:Poland: Polish front (1915) German Zeppelin attacks
    04:Poland: Warsaw (1939) Luftwaffe

    04:Rumania: Ploesti (1943-1944) USA Air Force

    04:Russia: (German front ?) (1914-1917) Czar's Squadron of Flying Ships
    04:Soviet Union: Leningrad (1941-1944) Luftwaffe
    04:Soviet Union: Moscow (1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Soviet Union: Sebastopol (1942) Luftwaffe

    04:Spain: Bilbao (1937) Luftwaffe?
    04:Spain: Guernica (1937) Luftwaffe
    04:Spain: Madrid (1937) Luftwaffe

    04:Yugoslavia: Belgrade (1941) Luftwaffe
    04:Yugoslavia: Rijeka (Fiume) (1919) Force led by Gabriele d'Annanunzio

    05:Egypt: Cairo (subburbs) (1970) Israelian Air Force
    05:Egypt: Port Said (1956) RAF/French Air Force

    05:Eritrea: Asmera (1941) RAF

    05:Ethiopia:  (1935) Italian Air Force
    05:Ethiopia: Debra Tabor (1941) RAF

    05:Lybia: Tobruk (1941)
    05:Lybia: Tripoli (1911) Italian Air Force
    05:Lybia: Tripoli Quadaffiís headquarters (1986) USA Air Force

    05:Marocco: Casablanca (1942) Luftwaffe
    05:Marocco: (Spaanse Marokko) (1923) Spanish Army/French troops/German Chemicals

    06:Irak: Amara (1941) RAF
    06:Irak: Bagadad (1990) USA Air Force
    06:Irak: Osirak nuclear reactor (1981) Israelian Air Force

    06:Iran: airfields (1980) Iraq Air Force
    06:Iran: Kharg Island oil terminal (1985) Iraq Air Force

    06:Libanon: Beirut (1980) Israelian Air Force
    06:Libanon: guerrilla bases .... (1970) Israelian Air Force
    06:Middle East: (tribal people) (1920-) RAF

    06:North Yemen: border war with South Yemen (1979)

    06:Palestine:  (1918) British aircrafts

    06:Syria: Damascus (1925) French Air Force

    07:Afghanistan: Kabul (1979) Soviet Union Air Force

    07:Bangladesh: Dakka (1972) Indian Air Force

    07:Burma: Mandalay Fort Dufferin (1945) RAF

    07:Cambodia: communist bases ... (1969) USA Air Force

    07:China: Hanchow (1937) Japanese Air Force
    07:China: Hankow (?) (1938) Japanese Air Force
    07:China: Nanking (1937) Japanese Air Force
    07:China: Shanghai (?) (1937) Japanese Air Force
    07:China: Tientsin (1937) Japanese Air Force

    07:Hong Kong: Hong Kong (1941) Japanese Air Force

    07:India: North-West Frontiier (1920) RAF

    07:Indonesia: Nonokromo (1944) Allied Forces
    07:Indonesia: Surabaja (1944) Allied Forces

    07:Japan: Akashi (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Amagasakmi (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Aomori (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Chiba (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Choshi (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Fukui (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Fukuoka (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Fukuyama (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Gifu (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Hachioji (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Hamamatsu (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Himeji (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Hiratsuka (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Hiroshima (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Hitachi (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Ichinomiya (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Imabari (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Isezaki (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kagoshima (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kawasaki (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kobe (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kochi (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kofu (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kumagaya (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kumamoto (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kure (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Kuwana (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Maebashi (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Matsuyama (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Mito (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Miyakonojo (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Miyazaki (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Moji (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Nagaoka (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Nagasaki (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Nagoya (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Nishinomiya (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Nobeoka (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Numazu (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Ogaki (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Oita (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Okayama (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Okazaki (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Omura (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Omuta (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Osaka (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Saga (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Sakai (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Sasebo (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Sendai (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Shimizu (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Shimonoseki (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Shizuoka (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: T oyohashi (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Takamatsu (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Tokushima (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Tokyo (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Touyama (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Toyama (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Tsu (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Tsuruga (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Ube (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Ujiyamada (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Utsonomiya (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Uwajima (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Wakayama (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Yawata (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Yokkaichi (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Japan: Yokohama (1942-1945) USA Air Force
    07:Laos: North Vietnamese supply depots ... (1971) USA Air Force

    07:Manchuria: Mukden (Anschan) (1944) USA Air Force
    07:Manchuria: needs further detailing (1951) USA Air Force

    07:North Korea: May dams bombed (1953) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: Ben Tre (1968) USA Air Force

    07:North Vietnam: Chaudoc (1968) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: Haiphong (1972) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: Hanoi (1967, 1968, 1972) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: Hue (1968) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: Mytho (1968) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: Ninh Binh (1967-1968) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: North Vietnam *needs further detailing) (1965, 1968, 1972) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: Phuly (1967) USA Air Force
    07:North Vietnam: Thanh Hoa (1967-1968) USA Air Force

    07:South Korea: Seoul (1950, 1951) North Korean Forces ?
    07:South Vietnam: Da Nang area *chemical bombardments) (1965) USA Air Force
    07:South Vietnam: Duchai (1965) USA Air Force

    07:Taiwan: (Formoasa) (1944) USA Air Force
    07:Thailand: Bangkok (1944) USA Air Force

    08:Marian Islands: Saipan (1944) Japanese Air Force

    08:New Guinea: Hollandia (1944) USA Air Force
    08:New Guinea: Port Moresby (1942) Japanese Air Force

    08:Solomon Islands: Sizo (1942) USA Air Force