Debating Center TUMULT: State of affairs in our "society of the spectacle", Utrecht 26-27 November 2005 (click logo for program)
The legacy of the situationist movement of the fifties and sixties of last century presented and debated during two days. On this webpage the visuals of two lectures ....
For photo-impression of the Tumult meetings click left or right picture

Nic Tummers "Debord, Constant & New Babylon" lecture with 30 overhead projections.
1, Sarte, Lefebvre, lettrists and situationists and the origin of the New Babylon project by Constant.
2. Recuperation of the ide of New Babylon.
3. The University of Socio Space, laboratory experiments and experimental living.
Tjebbe van Tijen "Literary psycho-geography: from here to Tokyo"' lecture with 7 digital scrolls.
1. literary descriptions 2. drifting situationists 3. critical urban surveys
4. the mapping impulse 5. Amsterdam psycho-geography 6. Edo/Tokyo literary mappings
7. maps as art, play, education    

Some related quotations on play, pleasure and boredom (mainly in Dutch)

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