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Tjebbe van Tijen born The Hague 1944. Studied sculpture in Den Bosch, Milano and London. Various happenings and expanded cinema projects in London and cities in the Netherlands 1965-1968. Founded and curated the Documentation Center of Social Movements at the University Library of Amsterdam, 1973-1998 (now at the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam). In the seventies and eighties he designed exhibitions in Vienna, Milano, Copenhagen, Dortmund and Hamburg about ecology, urban conflicts and alternative culture. Interactive installations dramatizing historical subjects since mid eighties: Imaginary Museum of Revolution with Jeffrey Shaw (1988-1989), Orbis Pictus Revised with Milos Vojtechovsky (1994-1996) and Neo-Shamanism with Fred Gales (1997-1998), Digital Papua with Fred Gales (2003) shown in Paris, Linz, Karlsruhe, Amsterdam, Prague and Tokyo. Current research projects and lectures on ‘literary psycho-geography’, aerial bombing, mapping human violence, visual language, media history and education systems. Frequent guest lectures and tutorials at art academies, media centers and universities. Regular publications in the forementioned fields. Van Tijen, working under the name of Imaginary Museum Projects, lives and works in Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

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CV Tjebbe van Tijen
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1944 - Den Haag/The Hague

Nieuwe Amstelstraat 70
1011 PM Amsterdam
Telephone: +31-(0)20-6261897

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  • 1961-1966: Kunstacademie, Den Bosch; Ateliers 63, Haarlem; Academia di Belli Arti di Brera, Milano (sculpture); St Martins School of Art, London (sculpture and cinema).
  • practicing "l'éducation permanente" (The French idea of 'lifelong learning') ever since...
  • 2000-2001: Senior Fellowship from The Japan Foundation for the study of "literary psycho-geographyof Edo/Tokyo"; affiliated institutes: Tokyo Geddai (prof. Masaki Fujihata) and Hosei University (prof. Jinnai Hidenobu).
  • 1967: founder and manager Sigma Projecten, Amsterdam.
  • 1968-1969: researcher at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (museum of modern art) feasibility study for a new Documentation Centre on Art Technology & Society.
  • 1973-1990: Universiteits Bibliotheek Amsterdam (university library) founding-curator of the Documentation Center of Modern Social Movements.
  • 1980: Stichting Wetenschappelijke Informatie (Foundation for Scientific Information), Paramaribo, Surinam - setting up library and documentation system.
  • 1991-1998: Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Amsterdam (International Institute Social History), curator of Documentation Center of Modern Social Movements.
  • 2002-2203: seminars for Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Instituut Interactieve Media (University of Applied Sciences/HvA)
  • 2003-2004: seminars for Piet Zwart Institute - Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University (postgraduate institute for study and research in art, media and design).
  • 1991-> Imaginary Museum Projects (my own cultural company).
  • 2011-01-06: Visiting Fellow City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media.

Lectures/Teaching overview of last two decades

  • The Netherlands Film and Television Academy, Amsterdam (1989); Technical University Delft (1993); Keio University (1995); Institut de l'histoire du temps present/CNRS, Paris (1996); Nottingham University (1996); Hochschule fur Bibliotheksund Informationswesen, Stuttgart (1996); University of Westminster/London, School of Design & Media (1997); Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (1997); IMI art school/Osaka (1998); Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (1998/99, 2002); IAMAS, Gifu (1999); Tama University of Art Tokyo (1999, 2000); AKI art academy, Enschede (2000); Geddai National Art Academy, Tokyo (2001); Kobe University Graphic Design (2001); Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Instituut Interactieve Media (2002/3); Piet Zwart Insituut, Rotterdam (2003/4); University of New South Wales Fine Art Department, Sydney (2004); University of Deakin Melbourne (2004); Design Academy Eindhoven (2006/7); University of Bristol (2008); European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI) Poitiers (2010); School of Creative Media City University of Hong Kong (2011).
  • for details see section 'lectures/talks/drama' & 'teaching'.
Organisations (co-founding, co-managing; all of these were/are collective undertakings)
  • 1967-1970: Nederlandse Filmmakers Coop.
  • 1967-1968: 'Sigma Projecten', Amsterdam, together with with Matthijs van Heijningen( organization of public space art events; the Event Structure Research group sprang from this initiative).
  • 1968-1969: 'Woningburo de Kraker' (first Dutch squatting organization).
  • 1969: 'Fodor Conferenties' Amsterdam (a series of conferences about necessary changes in Dutch management to introduce collaborations in the science and technology and social fields).
  • 1970-1977: 'Aktiegroep Nieuwmarkt' (urban citizens' actions & research).
  • 1974-1991: 'Het Vrije Archief Nieuwmarkt' (the free archives documented citizens' actions and new forms of architectural collaborations in the town of Amsterdam).
  • 1977-1989: International Bookshop 'Het Fort van Sjakoo'.
  • 1979-1979: 'Anti-City Circus', Waterlooplein Amsterdam (organizing public festivals to support debate on inner city urban development).
  • 1985-1991: Foundation 'Europe Against the Current' (stimulating cultural exchange between alternative and radical cultural individuals and groups, both in Western and Eastern Europe).
Exhibitions, Happenings, Environments, Installations, Viewings
  • 1964: House/studio eviction party/happening Berlicum (with a.o. Maurits Buma, Martin van Duijnhoven).
  • 1965: Angera (Castello) and Mantova (Palazzo della Ragione), Italy, group exhibition sculpture and painting (with a.o. Denis Masi, Franco Mazzucchelli and Hisao Yamagata).
  • 1966: Galleria San Fedele, Milano, 'Abiura pax Brera', sculpture installation renouncing the Milanese Brera art academy (group exhibition with Claudio Martinenghi, Denis Masi, Franco Mazzucchelli and Jeffrey Shaw).
  • 1966: Environments and happenings in castle farmhouse Beek en Donk, Netherlands ('Hommage a Clovis Trouille'; with Jeffrey Shaw).
  • 1966-67: 'Continuous Sound and Image Moments' (a cinematic graphic experiment) with Jeffrey Shaw and Willem Breuker (composer/musician).
  • 1967: Keith Alborn & Partners, 26 Kingley Street, London. 'This is No Thing, this is a Situation of Opportunity', expanded cinema, sound and inflatable installation, together with Jeffrey Shaw.
  • 1967: 'Continuous Drawing' from London to Amsterdam, starting at the Institute of Contemporary Art London, passing the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, ending in the town center of Rotterdam.
  • 1967: Series of happenings with expanded cinema, pyrotechnics and jazz; Better Books London; Globe Theater Eindhoven; Haags Gemeente Museum (with a.o. Willem Breuker, Jeffrey Shaw, Gillius van Bergeyk, Remco Scha, Pieter Boersma).
  • 1967: Public space events and happenings in Amsterdam en Rotterdam with Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver, Sean Wellesley Miller, Willem Breuker, Pieter Boersma, Remco Scha and others (supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, Rotterdamse Kunststichting, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and KLM airlines).
  • 1967: 'High in the RAI' Amsterdam, slide projections for first Dutch psychedelic pop-festival.
  • 1967: 'Movie Movie' at Experimenteel Film Festival Knokke Le Zoute (expanded cinema events organized by 'Sigma Projecten' with 'Event Structure Research Group' and 'Musica Elettronica Viva')
  • 1967: Expanded cinema event for 'Cinestud' student filmfestival.
  • 1969: Organization of first exhibition of the French Mai/June 1968 events, in Museum Fodor, Amsterdam.
  • 1974-1986 development of exhibition systems for urban questions used both on the street and in regular exhibition facilities (Amsterdam: Stichting Wonen, De Smederij, Mozes en Aaron kerk) mostly with Mieke Beumer, Sjon ter Marsch, Josien Eissens, Otto Schuurman, Marjet van den Berg and Pieter Boersma (photography).
  • 1979: Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam ('Actiekunst 60-er jaren'/Dutch action art of the sixties); several projects in which I have been involved represented in this overview of two decades, like 'continuous drawing and film' and activities of Sigma Projecten from the sixties.
  • 1978-1988: series of book centered exhibitions for the University Library Amsterdam on diverse subjects (bicyle in literature, abortion, opium, energy and environment, censorship & the eternal burning book').
  • 1983: 'Niemand denkt aan me en weet van mij, muuropschriften uit de kelder van de Gestapo, Warschau 1939-1945' (Nobody thinks about me and knows about me, wall inscriptions from the caves of the Gestapo in Warsaw 1939-1945), installation in 'De Pleinwerker', Amsterdam.
  • 1983: 'Celdroom: een wereld zonder gevangenissen', celervaringen uit gevangenissen en gekkenhuizen (Cell dream: a world without prisons, cell experiences in prisons and madhouses) exhibition and installation in the University Library of Amsterdam with a 'psycho-literary' reconstruction of the Gestapo headquarters in Amsterdam.
  • 1983: 'Continuous Sound and Image Moments' shown at festival 'Film en Kunst' (cinema and art), 't Hoogt, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • 1986: First exhibition 'Literaire psychogeografie van Amsterdam' (literary-pyscho-geography of Amsterdam), Mozes & Aaron church, Amsterdam.
  • 1986: 'Radiofonische installatie van de Stopera' (radiophonic installation of the Stopera), a radio installation with amplified soundscapes surrounding the contested new Opera/Town Hall building in the center of Amsterdam at the day of the official opening, also involving projections and electronic light news lines and the help of the riot police, demonstrators and the Dutch queen (together with 'Radio 100' Amsterdam, 'Radio Populare' Milano, Fred Gales and Walter Maiolli).
  • 1987: Exhibition of radical information carriers from the collection of the Documentation Center of Modern Social Movements for V2/Den Bosch: 'Manfestatie over extreme informatiestromen' (manifestation about extreme information streams/currents).
  • 1988: 'Hallofonische installatie Sint Anthoniesbreestraat Amsterdam (interactive door intercom installation to travel through the history of the Sint Anthoniesbree street, with computergraphics, soundscapes and literary texts); project in collaboration with Marijke Griffioen, Curt Adalbert and Fred Gales.
  • 1989: 'Imaginary Museum of Revolution' (an interactive installation for traveling in time, space and ideology): Kijkhuis Den Haag; La Villette, Paris; Brucknerhaus, Linz (with Jeffrey Shaw and assistance of a.o. Marijke Griffioen, Curt Adalbert, Fred Gales, Hans Derks, Pieter Boersma, Josien Eissens and Gideon May).
  • 1989: 'Spazio Culturale Libero' (free cultural space) exhibition/visual essay on self managed cultural initiatives combining art with social action in Europe for AASTER, Casa Culturale Milano (with icons by Bas van Tol).
  • 1989-1991: 'Europa gegen den Strohm/Europe against the current' an exhibition of experimental and radical information carriers, shown in Amsterdam/W139 (1989), Hamburg/Kunstakademie (1990) and Dortmund/Bibliotheka exhibition (1991).
  • 1994-1996: 'Orbis Pictus Revised' installation (with Milos Vojtechovsky and Rolf Pixley, assisted by a.o. Marijke Griffioen, Bart Haensel, Frank Hoogveld, Gert-Jan Leusink, Fred Gales), ZKM Karlsruhe (1994), National Museum Prague (1995), Society for Old and New Media (De Waag) Amsterdam (1996).
  • 1994: 'Projects projected, thirty years: creations actions -collections, thirty years of collective associations', overview of my work in 'Gallerie Het Getal 0', Amsterdam.
  • 1997-1998: Installation 'Neo-Shamanism' for exhibition 'From Siberia to Cyberspace' in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (with interactive drum, yurt and hand scrolls) (with Fred Gales and Rolf Pixley).
  • 1998: Extended Japanese version of 'Neo-Shamanism' installation for Inter Communication Centre (NTT) in Tokyo (including a precious stones interface for primordial myths) (with the assistance of Yayoi Wakabayashi and Maaike Boots).
  • 2000: 'InfoArcadia information design', Stroom Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, The Hague; an exhibition curated by Ronald van Tienhoven en Maarten de Reus (scrolls on visualization of information).
  • 2003: Papua New Guinea Music, History & Politics, a permanent touch screen (scroll) installation for the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam (together with Fred Gales).
  • 2005: 'Ideas of Visual Language', a printed hand scroll and a digital scroll for Experimenta Design 2005 Bienal de Lisboa (an exhibition curated by Max Bruinsma).
  • 2006: 'SCROLL 40 years of visual narrative' - an overview of two hundred meter of "beautiful layered image rolls/ scrolls" by Tjebbe van Tijen' in the Mediamatic Gallery, Amsterdam.
  • 2006: 'MetaMap Saddam Hussein 1927-2007' a visual navigator to on-line representations of power & violence in graphs, maps and ceremony. Searching for information sources for a multiple truth.' for web gallery Oog (eye) of the Dutch daily 'De Volskrant'.
  • 2006/2007: 'Situationisten op drift': de Nederlands/Vlaamse connectie; informatielandschappen met voorlopers, deelnemers, volgelingen, uitgeslotenene, bezielden en criticasters; een interactieve installatie van Tjebbe van Tijen voor het Centraal Museum Utrecht (Situationists adrift the Dutch/Flemish connection; information landscapes with predecessors, participants, followers, expelled, inspired and critics; an interactive installation).
  • 2007/2008: 'Ideas of Visual language' a digital and a hand scroll as part of the exhibition 'Eye opener: the power of visual language' (interface programming by Joachim Rotteveel) at the the Museum of Communication (former Postal Museum) in The Hague, the Netherlands, from 16 October 2007 till the end of the year 2008 (exhibition curated by Max Bruinsma).
  • 2007: 'Potemkin Table Talks' an interactive installation on multiple truth and the myth and notion of 'Potemkin Villages' (soft/hardware integration Rolf Pixley), for the BREAK Festival Ljublana, November 2007 (festival curated by Stephanie Benzaquen).
  • 2008: 'AgitPop 1968-2008', a series of big collages and scrolls for an exhibition curated by John Phillips of the London Print Studio (February - May 2008)
  • 2008: '! HASTA LA VIOLENCIA SIEMPRE ?' putting the case of the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt from the FARC in a statistical and historical context through the use of multi-layered comparative statistics on Colombian violence. A project for the web gallery Oog (eye) of the Dutch daily 'De Volskrant' (curated by Babette Wagenvoort).
  • 2009: Ceremonial hoisting of visual narrative banner (30 meter long and 2,5 meter wide) on the funeral day of urban shaman, political acitivist adn raft-builder Robert Jasper Grootveld. This event took place at the traditional center of Grootveld happenings of the early sixties; the banner was hoisted on the building that houses Atheneaeum Bookshop, the banner has been added to the collection of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam.
  • 2011: 'Creative Media Dragon Dance and Banner', opening ceremony for the new building by architect Daniel Libeskind for the City University of Hong Kong; in collaboration with dragon Master mr. Wu.
  • 2011: "Panorama of Scenographic and Cinematographic Principles" a learning corridor mural for the Schoolf of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong.
  • 2015: Herdenking 50 jaar Provo op het Spui, Amsterdam, een drieluik: 'Momentaan Monument voor Robert Jasper Grootveld II', 'Historisch Spui-panorma' en 'Middernacht Provokatie'.
Project designs (portfolio of commissions & proposals)
  • 1967 'Pneuma Resurrection', a proposal for an event in one of the canals in the old center of the town of Utrecht (Sigma Projecten).
  • 1967 'Waterspelen' Amsterdamse Bos (a proposal for summer vacation water and mud play ground with inflatable events; together with Graham Stevens, Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver, Nico Nijland).
  • 1994: 'The hottest chick in town' (an interactive photography installation for schools on sex, art and politics from the sixties to the nineties) for Stichting Amazone, Amsterdam (together with Babet Van Loon).
  • 1999 'The true source of religion/an oceanic feeling' (low tech high tech interactive space) for Berliner Festspiele 2000 (Seven Hills Images and Signs of the 21st Century) (together with Fred Gales).
  • 2001 'The gate of language unlocked' (installation with speaking objects) for new Media Center in Sendai/Japan.
  • 2006 'Learning parades' a series of installations for the new building of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (polytechnic of Amsterdam), Institute for New Media and Information Management. First part will be realized in the summer of 2008: "Ode to the UNIcode" a dynamic banner of 30 meters moving through the staircase of the seven floor building. Project commissioned by Emilie Randoe and Peter van Gorsel.
  • 2008-2009 A new type of museum working title "Schathuis van Peter ~ Provo en Andere Lastige Amsterdammers" design of a series of interfaces (inside the house and in the city around) to dramatize the history of the house of the Dutch composer Peter Schat (1935-2003) and its multiple links with the radical history of the city of Amsterdam, commissioned by Stichting De Key.
  • 2009 Literary psycho-geography bicycle interface for Y-Tech/Luud Schimmelpennink's proposal for the city of Copenhagen (see page 9-10).
Ongoing research projects
  • 1986-1987: Literary psychogeography of Amsterdam boat-tours, wit 'in situ' reading of fragments of literary works and soundscapes (by Fred Gales).
  • 1989: 'Imaginary Museum of Revolution' (with Jeffrey Shaw) for Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht and the 'Image and Sound Festival', The Hague.
  • 1989: Visual talk about photography and revolution at the opening of exhibition of Magnum photographer Erich Lessing at USVA Groningen.
  • 1990: Lecture on the 'Imaginary museum of revolution' for 'The media are with us, symposium on the role of television in the Rumanian revolution', Budapest/Mucsarnok (Art Hall).
  • 1992: 'Micro-filming as an intermediate tool for historical documentation' (for seminar Microformat Systems, Lisse)
  • 1994: Lecture on dramatization of information for 'Fabrica Futuro Presente', Catena, Italy (Benetton).
  • 1995: ATYP typography congress/Barcelona 'When pictures started to explain the world'.
  • 1995: Goethe Institut/Prague 'Visualization of the world in visual dictionaries'.
  • 1995: Keio University/Japan presentation of the 'Orbis Pictus Revised' project in the context of congress 'The future of the book of the future'.
  • 1995: Otto Neurath Symposium/Vienna by Institut Wiener Kreis, lecture 'Interactive visualization'.
  • 1996: 'Les Provos' a lecture in the series 'Les années 68. Événements, cultures politiques et modes de vie' for the 'Institut de l'histoire du temps présent' CNRS, Paris (about the pre 1968 artistic and political sixties movements in the Netherlands and France).
  • 1996: Next 5 Minutes/Amsterdam 'Copyright in the 21st. century'.
  • 1996: Live Art Archives/Nottingham University, 'Traceless art'.
  • 1996: Ars Electronica Linz: 'Ars oblivivendi, the construction of our social memory system' (visual scroll lecture).
  • 1996: Doors of Perception/Amsterdam subject 'Speed' scroll lecture 'The limping messenger'.
  • 1997: Maatschappij Oude en Nieuwe Media/Amsterdam lectures for Piloot project (communication systems for bodily and mentally handicapped) about the art of memory and visualization.
  • 1997: Congress Dutch Digital Society (system theory)/Amsterdam 'From Argus to digital panopticism'.
  • 1997 LEAF (Liverpool East European Electronic Arts Forum), lecture on the Imaginary Museum of Revolution.
  • 1988: Institute of Contemporary Arts/London: 'Dialogues with the Machine' study weekend organized by Lisa Haskel 'Overview of 30 years of low & high tech work' (commemorating the pioneering exhibition 'Cybernetic Serendipity'' at the ICA two decades earlier.
  • 1998: ARCH Foundation/Salzburg 'Virtual Museums' (tele lecture).
  • 1998: Baby design society/Amsterdam lecture and debate 'Copyright en kritiek op steeds verdergaand intelectueel eigendom' (copyright and a critique on the extension of intellectual property).
  • 2000: Bruxelles 2000 lecture 'sometimes the information leaves the library' (meeting for a new art/media institute for Brussels).
  • 2000: Hogeschool van Amsterdam (for Educational research Bureau) 'Zamelend leren leren zamelen' (on student portfolios).
  • 2000: Doors of Perception, Amsterdam, theme 'Lightness' visual scroll lecture 'The Paradox of Traceless Art'.
  • 2002: Kunsthalle Karlsplatz, Vienna (conference by Frank Hartmann, Otto Neurath and dramatization of information).
  • 2003: V2/DEAF, Rotterdam; presentation of 'Ars Memoria System'.
  • 2004: National University of Singapore, City As Target International Workshop (Unbombing the cities of the world.
  • 2004: University of New South Wales Fine Art Department, Sydney; Dramatizing information with high- and low-tech interfaces.
  • 2004: Cultural heritage Center For Asia and the Pacific (CHCAP), University of Deakin Melbourne; Umbombing the world and the mapping of human violence.
  • 2005: ARCO Forum Madrid; Museum in our minds, imaginary and virtual museum concepts and realities.
  • 2005: 'Literaire psycho-geografie van hier tot Tokio' (Literary- psycho-geography from here to Tokyo) a visual lecture for a two day symposium curated by Rene Sanders of Tumult Utrecht about the situationist legacy.
  • 2006: 'Art Action Academia, social and technical context of collective creativity' lecture for manifestation 'Pixels of Reality' by PSWAR (Public Space With A Roof) Amsterdam.
  • 2006: 'Revenge - Solidarity – Heroism: Hungary 2006-1956' with Anna Balint for workshop of Open Society Archive Budapest "Visions after the Fall: Museums, Archives, and Cinema in reshaping the popular perceptions of the socialist past."
  • 2006: "Stroll & Scroll as Continuous Visual Narrative', a Mediamatic lecture in Club 11 Amsterdam.
  • 2007: 'Ways to represent multiple truth and the future role of museums', a visual lecture for the Global Heritage Forum with the theme 'Reclaiming Cultural Property' in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  • 2008: Visual lecture on 1967 Experimental Film Festival Knokke Le Zoute particiaption of Sigma Projecten & Event Structure Research Group with 'Movie Movie' expanded cinema environment. Rotterdam Film Festival program organized by Xavier Garcia Bardon.
  • 2008: "Literaire psychogeografie" voor NAMIDDAGEN VAN DE TOPOGRAFIE IV - DE MOBIELE BLIK Hoe kleurt beweging de esthetische waarneming van de stad?
  • 2008: "Rethinking Archives: History, Media, Memory" workshop hosted by the University of Bristol/Arnolfini.
  • 2009: Introductionary visual narrative for expert meeting & debate of Dutch Ministry of Justice on the future of home-copy levy system, copyright and the internet.
  • 2009: “Terrains Vagues: drawing in the sandbox from Hoog Catharijne till Leidscherijn” a tactile/visual presentation in ExPodium, Utrecht.
  • 2009: "Momental Migration Monument" presentation at the "Illegal Tribunal" meeting on migration organized by M2M in De Balie, Amsterdam 3th November.
  • 2010: "Matrix-Ville: What is Real/Virtual? Impakt Festival, Utrecht discussion on radicals and urbanism with Gian Piero Frassinelli (Superstudio), Piet Vollaard and host Peter Lang (Texas A&M University)
  • 2010: Visual lecture "Landscapes of physical libraries and treasuries of mnemonic landscapes: technologies to fix and trajectories in flux" for European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI) Poitiers and its second international biennial "Figures of interactivity" in partnership with the University of Poitiers and the University of Québec at Montréal (UQAM).
  • 1989: 'Informatie Dragers en Vragers' (information carriers and queriers) guest lecture for documentary filmmakers Filmacademie, Amsterdam.
  • 1993: 'World Views', a lecture on mapping and metaphors of Technical University Delft, Studium Generale.
  • 1996: 'Kunst und Multimedia' (art and multimedia) for Hochschule fur Bibliotheksund Informationswesen, Stuttgart.
  • 1997: University of Westminster/London, School of Design & Media: 'The art of memory'.
  • 1997: 'Miners strikes Belgium Limburg 1969/1970, photography and narrative' (with Pieter Boersma) Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht.
  • 1998-1999: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht/Hilversum guest lectures inter active art/design.
  • 1998: IMI art school/Osaka 'Dramatization of information'.
  • 1999 and 2000: Tama University of Art Tokyo, guest lectures.
  • 2000: AKI art academy, Enschede (Studium Generale lecture) 'Media-Morphose'.
  • 2001: Geddai National Art Academy, Tokyo (psycho-geography, dramatization of information)
  • 2001: Kobe University Graphic Design, Japan (guest lecture).
  • 2002: 'Your life in a shoebox' (seminar) Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU), Interaction Design.
  • 2002-2003: 'iMediamorphose' Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Instituut Interactive Media (series of 'drama-lectures' - with material actions and sensory objects - for Studium Generale on media history).
  • 2003: Piet Zwart Insituut, Rotterdam; lectures for MA media design.
  • 2004: Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam; seminar 'Mapping Human Violence'.
  • 2006: 'Bibliomania', lecture for seminar on Library of the Future at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
  • 2007: "Utopia" a visual lecture for the Studium Generale of the Design Academy Eindhoven (program by Michiel Schwarz).
  • 2011: School of Creative Media of City University Hong Kong, seminar "Mapping city memories."
Own publications (articles pamphlets, books film and radio-programs; selection)
  • 1966-1967: 'Continuous Sound and Image Moments' a 16 mm looping graphic film that studied 'subliminal perception', together with Jeffrey Shaw and Willem Breuker (music).
  • 1967: Continuous drawing sprawls over front cover and pages of the Dutch cultural underground magazine 'Gandalf'.
  • 1967: Report for a study on the possible foundation of a Documentation Centre on Art, Technology and Society (with Robert Hartzema).
  • 1968: 'De Andere Krant' special issue on the Occasion of the Third ICOGRADA Congress in Eindhoven, with challenging texts for designers (with a.o. Kees Neeteson, Paul de Nooijer, Gerrit Wolfswinkel).
  • 1969-1970: articles on urban questions, squatting and alternative lifestyles for the social architecture review 'Wonen' ("monthly for critical dwellers").
  • 1968: Pamphlet with a documentary chronology of art and design events and actions from January to November 1968.
  • 1969: bibliographies on relation between art and the French 68 movement in 'Parijs mei juni '68'; Museum Fodor Amsterdam.
  • 1969: radio documentaries for the program Sjook/KRO on squatting and alternative education (with Robert Hartzema).
  • 1969 Manifesto against lack of idealism of new world fair: 'Osaka, progress and harmony for mankind' (with Nic Tummers).
  • 1971-1975: many articles for urban action magazines, several of them weeklies (a.o. 'Nieuwsmarkt', 'Amsterdams Weekblad').
  • 1972: 'De organisatie van de algemene afzondering' (the organization of generalised separation), special issue of TABK on history and debate of subways systems in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Budapest, New York and Los Angeles).
  • 1974: 'Aangeboden de Nieuwmarktbuurt! Leeg te aanvaarden!' (on offer the Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood, will be delivered empty) a short history of the neighbourhood and the resistance against demolition; text together with Steef Davidson; (translated versions exist in English and Portugese by support groups in England and Portugal).
  • 1977: 'Christiania, liefde en geweld' (Christiania, love and violence) a booklet about the squatters community in Copenhagen); Spartacus; Amsterdam; p.45; (with photographs of Sjon ter Marsch and Pieter Boersma).
  • 1979: 'Een aanzet voor een literaire psycho-geografie van de Amsterdamse Jodenbuurt' (an attempt at a literary psycho-geography of the Amsterdam Jewish ghetto) an afterword with a poetry montage text by Harry Hoogstraeten 'Kiekjes' (snapshots), inspired by a book with the same title 'Kiekjes' (1926) of the Amsterdam rebbe Meijer de Hond (1882-1943).
  • 1985: 'Andere informatiebronnen over milieu, techniek en samenleving van de eerste tot en met de vijfde wereld' (other information sources on environment, technology and society, from the first to the fifth world); Ekologische Uitgeverij/Tool, Amsterdam.
  • 1987: 'Verspreiding van de joden over de gemeente (mei 1941) / Bureau van Statistiek der Gemeente Amsterdam', een bijdrage bij de opening van het Joods Historisch Museum Amsterdam (a commented reprint of a municipal map that formed the basis for the making of the Jewish ghetto in Amsterdam under German occupation in 1941, which the new Jewish Historical Museum failed to show); appendix to the radical weekly 'Bluf' no 267 d.d. 29.4.87.
  • 1988-1989: 'Transkul' weekly telephonic radio-bulletin on radical information carriers on FM pirate radio station 'Radio 100' (with a.o. Eef Vermeij, Jan-Willem Dingemans, Fred Gales and Josien Eissens).
  • 1988: 'Imaginary Museum of Revolution' (together with Jeffrey Shaw); Mediamatic vol.2 no.4; p.193-208.s
  • 1988: 'Het museum van de toekomst' (The Museum of the Future) with Jeffrey Shaw and Ewald Vanvugt; Museum Magazine Vitrine; 1e jrg. nr.4; p.25-28.
  • 1989: 'Europe against the current, catalogue on alternative, independent and radical information carriers' (editor); ID Archiv im IISG/Foundation Europe against the Current.
  • 1990: 'Tegen de stroom in/Europe against the current': De Gids, May issue (mainly about the new alternative movements in eastern Europe in the eighties).
  • 1990: Digital portrait of South African politician Govan Mbeki (1910-2001) for the ceremonial of for his honorary doctorate of social sciences at the University of Amsterdam in 1990, many years after his imprisonment on Robben Island.
  • 1991: 'Je bevrijden van de drukpers, jongeren en hun eigen pers in Nederland, 1945-1990'; Jeugd en samenleving, feb/mrt 1991; p.167-193 (youth and their own press 1945-1990 from Jazz and beatniks to squatters and Punk).
  • 1991: 'Literary psychogeography, a project in development' text together with Jeffrey Shaw (originally written as a proposal for the town of Marseillle, there is also a French version of the text).
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  • 2002: 'Reanimation of democracy after the murder of Pim Fortuyn', a web-article that has been posted on several sites including ''.
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  • 2009: since May 2009 regular visualized and deep documented articles in my web blog "The Limping Messenger".
  • 2010: Introductory essay for photo book By Pieter Boersma "Onverklaarbaar bewoonde woning; afbraak, verzet en nieuwbouw in Amsterdam van Nieuwmarkt tot Bijlmer." (Uitgeverij de Verbeelding)
  • 2012: "Ars Memoria and Unbombing" visual chapter in the book "The City As Target" Edited by Ryan Bishop, Gregory Clancey and John W Phillips; Routledge.
Publications/media events about (selection):
  • An overview of online titles can be found at Google Books.
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  • 2006: El Pais/Ciberp@is 30/11/2006; page 7; "Van Tijen crea mapas de la violencia humana"; article by R.Bosco & S. Caldana; a PDF version of the newspaper page is here
  • 2007: Volkskrant/Kunst bijlage 22/03/2007; page 15; "4 jaar Irak Oorlog, MetaStatistiek van geweld in het Midden-Oosten 1894-2007, Irak in context"; a PDF version of the newspaper page can be dowloaded here ...
  • 2008: "The Best in Heritage, multi media DVD" volume 6; Novena, Zagreb; vsiual lecture "Ways to represent multiple truth" for the 2007 museum conference in Dubrovnik.
  • 2009: Series of short documentaries about the Kraakbeweging (squatting movement) by Dutch national radio (KRO); interviewed by Sander Bartling.
  • 2010: Radio interview (VPRO/De Avonden Anton de Goede) Pieter Boersma and Tjebbe van Tijen about Boersma's book "Onverklaarbaar bewoonde woning".
  • 2013: "Composing Dissent: Avant-garde Music in 1960s Amsterdam" by Robert Adlington

Database systems/Interfaces

  • 1980-1998: 'CLAVIS' (Controlled Language Audio Visual Information System) for University Library of Amsterdam Social Documentation collection (first paper form system, later computer: DBase, Clipper); in collaboration with Midas van der Graaf.
  • 1986-1988: 'Planotheek van Amsterdam' (planotheque, critical databases of urban development plans for inner town of Amsterdam, with microfiche links of images); with Peter van der Pouw Kraan (Dbase).
  • 1985-1992: 'Europe Against the Current' (commented descriptions of cultural and political groups in Western and Eastern Europe (Dbase); with Peter van der Pouw kraan and Midas van der Graaf.
  • 1993-1996: 'N5M local to local database and videotheque' (for Next 5 Minutes conferences on tactical media); with Peter van der Pouw Kraan and Midas van der Graaf (Clipper).
  • 1998-: 'Ars Memoria System' (Filemaker pro with several plug-ins and special scripts).
  • 2006 - onward: 'Art Action Academia 1960-2010': a growing documentation system of EVENTS as products of shifting collaborations, set in their esthetic, social and technical context.
  • 2007: 'Scroll Scapes'
  • 2009: 'Contopics' deep documentation of contextualized citations.
  • 2014 - onward: 'Nic Tummers/Universiteit van de SocioRuimte project archief/bibliotheek/documentatie'

Web-site design/content

Other work

  • 2007: Cover picture for 'Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage, A Critical Discourse'; Edited by Fiona Cameron and Sarah Kenderdine'; MIT Press.
  • 2010: Visualization for lecture Ewald Vanvugt at 'The Best in Heritage' museum conference Dubrovnik about his book and concept "Robbers' Paradise - the European Museum of Overseas Stolen Treausure."

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